Oz Bengur

Delegate • 42nd District

The Election is Over But the Issues Remain

I want to thank all my supporters for your support for my campaign for Delegate and for your kind messages following the election.

While we did not win, we came close in a difficult year. It was a privilege to be involved in the democratic process – that is what makes our country great. My congratulations go to those who were elected. Though we did not agree on some issues, I salute their sacrifice and dedication.

Even though the election is over, the work still remains: protecting women and children from domestic abuse, adequately funding our schools so that needed renovations are made and class sizes are kept small, and creating jobs through increased investment in growing businesses. We also want to see the business district in Towson become more vibrant. This will require more investment by the county to create an environment that will attract businessess and the public, and greater cooperation between the town and Towson University.

I ran for office because I felt we could do better than we have in the past eight years. I still feel that way and will continue to fight for these issues because the voters that we met with during the six months we campaigned told me these were important to them.

Being a Delegate requires listening to voters concerns and representing their interests.  It is also about providing leadership on tough issues. That is why I was on record opposing a fiscally irresponsible decrease in the sales tax which I felt would rob our schools and students the funds needed to maintain educational excellence and would deny health care for working families that cannot afford their own.  It is why I went on record supporting equal marriage rights which remains one of the most important civil rights issues of our time, and it is why I support sensible immigration reform.

I spoke out on these issues because I felt they are worth fighting for.  I still do and will continue to work on them in the coming months.

Thank you again and best wishes to all.


Authority: Elect Oz Bengur Delegate, David Cahn, Treasurer